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Anti-fungal infections medication pregnancy 1970s, medication epileptics fungal infections

Anti-fungal infections medication pregnancy 1970s, medication epileptics fungal infections

Anti-fungal infections medication pregnancy 1970s, medication epileptics fungal infections

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Does Nystatin cure yeast infections? Nystatin is an antifungal medication. Nystatin prevents fungus from growing on your skin. Nystatin topical (for the skin) is used to treat skin infections caused by yeast. Nystatin topical is not for use to treat a vaginal yeast infection.
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Is there an over the counter fluconazole? Diflucan (fluconazole) is a prescription medicine and is therefore not available over-the-counter (OTC). The cost of Diflucan is roughly $2 per pill at many pharmacies which makes most Diflucan regimens relatively affordable. Diflucan 150 mg is a typically prescribed dose for minor issues.
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